Manta is known as the #1 Tuna port in the world, and is also one of the main cruise ship ports on the Pacific Coast of South America.

Manta is visited annually by both foreign and national tourists. Its most frequented beaches besides Santa Marianita are “Los Esteros”, “Tarqui”, “El Murciélago”, “Barbasquillo”, “San Lorenzo”, “Liguiqui”, “La Tiñosa” y “Piedra Larga”.  We recommend you visit the malecons of Tarqui & El Murciélago to taste the delicious gastronomy that the restaurants offer, and more than anything the “Zona Rosa” as it is known to the street “Flavio Reyes”; In all these places we find varied restaurants and various entertainment sites such as bars, karaokes, and nightclubs.

manta_port_puerto de Manta


Located only 40 km from Manta, Crucita has 13 km. of attractive beach, and is a refuge from the bustle of life in the city.

With it’s steady breeze and westward shoreline, Crucita is considered one of the best places in Ecuador for paragliding.  International championships are held every year.

Also available on the beach of Crucita you can find sport fishing, boat rides, ATVs and beach volleyball.


Los Frailes

Los Frailes is a gorgeous beach within the National Park Machalilla

Los Frailes-Montañita – Los Frailes is a pristine beach located in the Machalilla National Park.  It’s calm waters are ideal to enjoy with family.

The park includes two beaches, the first is a beach where swimming is allowed.  It is located in a large bay, and behind is the Machalilla National Park. The second is a beach where people are not allowed in the sea as it is a turtle conservation area.  There is also a viewpoint where you can see the beaches that make up the park.   It’s worth the short climb to the top, the view is incredible!



Located 15 minutes from Manta, this is where the famous “Panama Hats” are made by artisans in the village.

Montecristi is a town of great historical wealth and the birthplace of the famous liberal revolutionary, Eloy Alfaro.  Montecristi is well known for the manufacture of the authentic toquilla straw hats (Panama hat), tagua, wicker and other handicrafts.  It is worthwhile to visit the main street, with tourist attractions like: La Casa de Eloy Alfaro; The Largacha Sisters Museum; The sanctuary of Monserrate, and also the Pila, place where the artisans work sculptures with various thematics and replicas of pre-Columbian ceramics.



Located just 20 minutes from Manta, the Pacoche forest is a humid forest in the middle of a semi-deserted area on the coast of Manabí.

The Coastal Sea Wildlife Refuge Pacoche is located 26 kilometres from Manta, with a lush and varied vegetation, where you breathe fresh air that give life to this wonderful landscape.

Its fascinating microclimate is the habitat of a number of species, such as howler monkeys, and more than 250 species of birds (55 are endemic to the area).

Its flora gives place to its name, being this rich in trees like the cane Guadua, the shawl; Originally from the famous straw hats, and the Cady from where TAGUA handicrafts come from.

in Pacoche you can explore trails within a wonderful landscape, it is also ideal for observing howler monkeys, flora and fauna, photography, and hiking.


Isla de la Plata

Isla de la Plata is located at 50 km from the coast of Puerto López, province of Manabí. It is one of the main attractions of the Machalilla National Park.

Its fame goes back many years, and its main characteristic is the diversity of birds that inhabit the island.  It’s also known as “Poor Man’s Galapagos”.

Isla De La Plata is an ideal place for ecotourism close to Santa Marianita. It is approximately 1200 hectares. There are two tourist trails to hike, approximately 3km long and a walking time of approximately 3 hours.  You must visit under the supervision of an authorized naturalist guide.

The island is an important feeding area for many species of coastal birds. Among them are pelicans, frigates and and protects the only known population of wavy albatross outside the Galapagos Islands. In addition, the humpback whale has its breeding area within the limits of the Machalilla Park and in the vicinity of this island.

In the vicinity of the Isla De La Plata you can visit the Punta Machete and the Punta Escalera, where you can see birds, the typical flora of the area, the beautiful cliffs and sometimes sea lions, sharks and immense mantas.


Puerto Lopez

Between June and October, a unique group of humpback whales visit our beaches, coming from the cold waters of the South Pacific.

They come to the coast of Ecuador to find their soul mate, and beget their offspring. This massive migratory horde comes from the Land of Fire, Chile and the Peruvian coasts to reach Ecuador, where on arrival, they sing their songs and perform their aquatic dances for the delight of the many admirers who come to observe them.

Puerto Lopez is the area where the tours are made for whale watching, these promenades is one of the most unique and beautiful of the South Pacific coast, where we can see the whales jump in its maximum splendor and surprise us with its size and capacity.