Santa Marianita Weather

Unlike the rest of the Ecuadorian coast, where it is extremely hot, rainy and humid most of the time, the climate of Santa Marianita is very different. Because of it’s geographical location in the center-south of Ecuador, the microclimate here is much more enjoyable than much of the rest of the coast.

The temperature is usually between the 22 and the 28 C.  (approximately 71 to 82 F)

The wind ranges from 16 to 24 knots between April and January, with a few windy days even during the ‘off-season.’ The beach has small waves and plenty of space, making it the perfect place to learn and practice kitesurfing.

The change of seasons from winter to summer happens during the last week of April. The season change from summer to winter is the final week of December.

The climate is temperate here most of the year, never too hot, and never too cold.


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