Our Kite Spot in Santa Marianita is a small town 20 minutes South of Manta, Ecuador on a beautiful 5km stretch of beach on the Pacific ocean. The town is small and tourist friendly with good food, accommodation and places to rent gear for kiteboarding, surfing and SUP.

The beach is straight, Sandy and quite empty with lots of room to set up gear. Here the waves break near the beach and while often small can reach up to 2m on occasion, there is a great point in from of the town on the south end for surfing waves although the entire beach can be surfed.

Winds here are side-onshore and blow from the SW and are very steady. The season starts mid May and goes until mid January. Wind picks up around 10am and blows until 4-6pm with 16-20 knt average speeds, 9-14m are what the average Kiter uses with a twintip. Winds are created with a thermal effect making online weather predictions Inaccurate.

Conditions here can be challenging, beginners with no experience with wave, chop or currents may want to see a local instructor for a quick lesson on how to deal with the local advanced conditions here.

Come to Santa Marianita to enjoy the sunny days, steady winds, open sandy beaches and no crowds. Too your stay off with a downwind trip to Playa Murcielago in Manta.